Parihoa Farm

Parihoa Farm is like no other place on earth.

Experience it, and you will be refreshed… renewed… reinvigorated.

The seclusion. The privacy. The views. The dramatic weather.

The owner looked all over the world for something as special as this.

On the North Island of New Zealand, just 35 minutes from the centre of Auckland, paradise was found.

True to its Māori name meaning “friendly cliffs”, Parihoa Farm hugs the high cliffs above the wild Tasman Sea between the beautiful Muriwai and Bethell’s Beaches.

The farm boasts an incredible 4km of unblocked ocean views, bordering reserve land containing the Hillary Nature Trail.

Its 600 acres include a diversity of landscapes from grassy plains and tabletop mountains, to native forest and wetlands.

These surrounding wetlands are regarded as some of the most spectacular in New Zealand. On-going expert advice ensures that the plant and animal biodiversity found here, continues to flourish and even to grow richer.

The farm is used for beef and sheep production, and is also a popular location for equestrian pursuits, motor or mountain biking, hiking or walking, fishing off the rocks, and collecting shellfish. You may even recognise the location, as a number of famous movies and television commercials have been shot on the farm.

Parihoa Farm From Above