10 of the most Instagrammable spots within one hour of Parihoa

10 of the most Instagrammable spots

10 of the most Instagrammable spots within one hour of Parihoa

With over 19.1M posts on Instagram, New Zealand, certainly hits the # highs when it comes to instragrammable images.

But aside from the popular bungee jumping and mountain shots there are actually a number of beautiful, highly posted # locations all within one hour of Parihoa that are sure to make you want to stop and post!

Here are our recommendations on the top spots you simply can’t miss out on when you visit our corner of New Zealand


IMG 4571


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You won’t even need a car to capture this beautiful rolling coastline literally on the doorstep of Parihoa. A short walk south on Te Henga walkway and you will find the black sands of Bethells beach.


The best shot is taken around 6km south of Parihoa, just after Lake Waiataru on the clifftop where you can capture Wigmore and Wahirua Bay behind you.

@tomrexjessett took this beautiful snap - and you can too! 



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Again a short 5km walk along the coast but this time to the North of Parihoa and you will arrive at another picture-perfect beach. Famous for its active sports, rolling waves, surfers, horse riders and even driving on the beach!


The best shots we have seen from here are actually taken from down on the beach from the inside of one of the little coves looking out onto the sea at low tide. The rock frames the shot for you perfectly. 

IMG 4574


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5k to the east of Parihoa brings you to Mokoroa Falls and the Goldie Bush walkway.
IMG 4575



There are two lovely shots to capture here – the first one is on the pretty little hanging bridge walkway where daniel_nz1 captured the snap above, and the second is at the falls themselves, in this beautiful shot by @mikedoak

IMG 4576


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The lake is known more for the making of films like the Power Rangers and Xena (Warrior Princess), and Taylor Swift who also made a music video here. 

But actually, the greatest feature has to be the huge sand dunes just in front of the lake.  

 These sand dunes are the natural dam that holds the lake back – walk them or surf them - but be sure to get a photo, like this fantastic shot by @wildthingsnz


If you have a drone this is the ultimate spot to test it out. This will help you get the huge vastness of the dunes into perspective. Don’t worry if you don’t have a drone just nominate someone to climb up ;)




#muriwaigannetcolony | 2.3k posts

These beautiful birds nesting on the cliff tops in their natural habitat are positioned with perfect spacing for a beautiful shot.


The gannets start nesting in August and stay latest until April when the chicks are fledging so don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch any outside of this time.

@thansproject must have timed this shot well - look at all those gannets!


IMG 4581NUMBER 6. 

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An hour in the car and you can get to Kitekite Falls, a picturesque 3-tiered waterfall. The falls drop a total of 40 metres making it pretty awesome to watch.


The best shots are taken from in the water – there is a cool swimming spot at the waterfall's base and one at the top ( BUT BE CAREFUL), don't forget a towel – it’s worth it.

@marvin.berge.photography captures the three tiers and amazing 40m drop



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One of the most popular beaches in the area is Piha beach and with great parking and amenities, it’s a good choice for a day trip, just 1 hour from Parihoa.


The sunsets are something special – time your trip right to capture the oranges and reds that wash the sky at this time! We love this beautiful moment captured by robert_nairn


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50 minutes south of Parihoa is the start of the Hilary Trail, which Te Henga forms part of. The Arataki Visitor Centre is the gateway to the Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.


You can’t miss this shot - as you can see in this post by @adamlnz there’s even a picture frame positioned ready for you! 


IMG 4578


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Auckland is only a 50 minute drive from Parihoa. One of the top attractions is the Sky Tower, built 23 years ago.


Whilst you can get some fab shots from the top of the tower, actually getting a night shot lit up from somewhere like Silo Park makes for a dreamy souvenir. @bryan_mosheim captures the SkyTower in a stunning pink.


IMG 4582


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A 50 minute drive east from Parihoa and you can be in the city at Waitemata harbour, a very pretty harbour and the gateway to the sea for Auckland. It’s a great spot for capturing images of the city.


Take one of the many boat trips to get the best perspective. If you are lucky you may even be able to see orcas like this stunning shot by @ocean.miah