From Languishing to Flourishing the Parihoa way

From Languishing to Flourishing the Parihoa way

Thanks to Adam Grant, an organisational psychologist from the US, and his now-viral feature, which was first published in the New York Times, we finally have a “name”  for this pandemic induced feeling of continuous defeat… Languishing.

“It wasn’t burnout — we still had energy. It wasn’t depression — we didn’t feel hopeless. We just felt somewhat joyless and aimless. It turns out there’s a name for that: languishing.”

It resonated with millions around the world and it’s not hard to see why. As most of us are In and out of lockdowns and limited access to international travel... yes we are all languishing. FACT.

But surely the diagnosis shouldn’t just result in acceptance – if you are told you have an illness you don’t just agree… and after all this “languish” word is not a new concept even Gandhi talked about this.

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The main purpose of life is to live rightly, think rightly, act rightly. The soul must languish when we give all our thought to the body.

– Mahatma Gandhi

So how can we shake off this feeling and the depressing negative connotations that are linked to the definition of languishing. How can we flourish, bloom, thrive, and prosper our way out…

We’ve pulled together 5 positive steps we can all take to leave languishing you behind:


Whilst we can’t currently travel or party as freely as we would like, sometimes the planning and researching is more exciting than the actual event itself! 

Get writing those bucket lists, creating those Pinterest boards, and go crazy googling clifftop escapes or awesome party venues and maybe even book something in for Christmas or next year...

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We are experiencing an increase in bookings for 2022/2023 with many people plugging
their diaries with things to look forward to.


The definition of “languish” in people, animals, and plants is “lose or lack vitality; grow weak.” Many of us have a tendency to lose focus on our diet when we are feeling low. Some overeat, some undereat, others lack nutritional balance.

If you struggle to manage this yourself why not get help… Many great food brands offer healthy, balanced ready meals to be delivered to your door.

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Check out our friends at Jess' Underground Kitchen for starters!


Never underestimate the importance of sleep on your demeanour. But it’s not just about what time you get to bed; it’s the quality of sleep that counts too.

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So if you are struggling to reach the land of nod easily or waking during the night,
here are some top tips to get a better night’s rest.


Wellbeing “the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning or purpose”. Psychology Today Every single human is different, and there is no magic formula to achieving total wellbeing.

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The real key is understanding what works for you and how little changes can create the balance you need.


Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself never did anyone any good. Getting out, even just for a short walk can do you a big favour. The air, the light, the sensory experiences can all boost your mood - and some things are actually just better outdoors…

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Check out natural ways to stay fit here.

Lets focus on the positive antonyms of languishing like flourishing and succeeding - It’s a choice - we don’t have to accept it!