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Parihoa Farm occupies four km of coastal frontage, high on the cliffs, overlooking the Tasman Sea. Parihoa Farm is like no other place on earth. Upon discovering the farm, the owner, Matt Chapman's life completely changed, knowing he would never find another place like this.

A working farm of over 700 acres, the land borders the Tasman Sea and iconic Te Henga walkway and features dramatic rolling hills, lush native bush and expansive wetlands.

The cornerstone of Parihoa Farm is the Andrew Patterson-designed House of Parihoa. The home is a contradiction - an uber-modern fortress juxtaposed against the stark, windswept landscape.

The Jewel Box at House of Parihoa is the crown jewel of Parihoa.

The Jewel Box was created with a vision to showcase exceptional talent and ideas.

It was a bold project undertaken by architect Andrew Patterson. Completed in 2022, the event and retreat space structure elongates the already iconic House of Parihoa, that was built in 2008.

The Jewel Box is a unique event and retreat space with unlimited possibilities, connecting wellbeing, creativity and entrepreneurship.

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House of Parihoa


Whilst a sophisticated structure, House of Parihoa also resembles a giant tent. One in which you feel safe and comfortable inside. The large windows bring in the surroundings and the skies. On a moonlit night, the moon shines through the interior spaces.

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It's the perfect place to spend a weekend or host a bespoke event.

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Matt Chapman



Matt came to New Zealand in 2013 from Singapore. He was forwarded the sale listing of Parihoa by a friend and was transfixed by the images. Matt befriended the Storey Family who were selling the farm, and ultimately bought the property.

Almost a decade on, Matt is passionate about Parihoa which has become a place of personal transformation and healing for him, his friends and guests.

Matt's passion is in people and high performance. Known globally in the human resources field, due to his co-founding of ChapmanCG. Matt has recently launched Matt Chapman Wellbeing from New Zealand, a global brand putting wellbeing at the heart of work. Matt puts Parihoa at the centre of this concept and aims for it to be a place of wellbeing for New Zealand and the world.

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Parihoa lends itself to bold thinking and breakthroughs. It is a place for my global network to connect and share big ideas on wellbeing, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Parihoa has contrasting west coast weather, storms are followed by sunshine and wild winds soon fade to stillness.

September to November

Parihoa comes alive with the birth of new lambs and calves. Winter can still linger well into Spring, but soon the green shoots come, the days get warmer and summer is on its way.

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December to February

Summer can be electric at Parihoa. Long sunshine days, stillness from the winds, heavenly sunsets and the NZ holiday feeling. The farm gets dry and there can be bugs, but thats Parihoa.

March to May

Summer in New Zealand can last well into Autumn. Parihoa gets dry and the long days still remain, but so does the sunshine. Winter starts to make its presence felt in May.

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June to August

With the fire raging and the chance to get all those overdue chores done, winter is a time of reflection and accomplishment whilst the farm is beautiful and green.

Parihoa is an inclusive place with wellbeing at its heart.

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