Parihoa Farm occupies 4km of coastal frontage, high on the cliffs, overlooking the Tasman Sea.


Parihoa Farm occupies 4km of coastal frontage, high on the cliffs, overlooking the Tasman Sea.

Parihoa Farm is like no other place on earth. Upon discovering the farm, the owner's life completely changed, knowing he would never find another place like this. A working farm of 600 acres, the land borders the Tasman Sea and iconic Te Henga walkway and features rolling hills, native bush and dramatic wetlands. The cornerstone of Parihoa Farm is the Andrew Patterson-designed Chapman House. The home is a contradiction - an uber-modern fortress juxtaposed against the stark, windswept landscape


Parihoa is steeped in Māori history. We maintain close relations with local Iwi and deeply respect their traditions and customs.


The wind and rain can challenge one's senses. It draws even more appreciation for the still and calm days that follow.

Our spaces continue to develop as we get greater awareness of how our visitors like to exist at Parihoa Farm.

Waimauku, New Zealand

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Waimauku, New Zealand
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Whilst a sophisticated structure, Chapman House also resembles a giant tent. One in which you feel safe and comfortable inside.

The large windows bring in the surroundings and the skies. On a moonlit night, the moon shines through the interior spaces. The sun sets dramatically in front of the house.

The force of the wind can be incredible. Furniture has been known to be blown from the house. We have experienced more than 200km/h winds. A reminder that the forces of nature are to be respected.

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The Owner

Matthew Chapman

For me, Parihoa Farm is where I reset and get perspective. I am happiest walking the land with friends. I enjoy the solitude and space. Its a special place to be celebrated with others

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The Owner of Parihoa Farm has other properties around the world. One of these is Bawah Reserve opened in 2018, near Singapore.

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