5 random but important things most wedding couples forget…

5 random but important things most wedding couples forget…

We get it, weddings can get complicated with all the checklists and important things people tell you not to forget at a wedding?

But there are a few little things, simple small details that can make a wedding special, but are often forgotten about…

We share our top 5 common things couples forget, but wish they had thought about...

What perfume/aftershave will you wear? 

MariyaOllie PerfumeCologaneWhat will be the scent of your day? Will it be your favourite everyday cologne - or maybe you want to choose a special scent to forever remind you of this special day. So many couples forget about this small detail, yet smell can evoke forever memories. Why not even blend your own couples scent here.


Have you planned time to yourselves?

MariyaOllie CarChampagne

With a jam packed schedule for the day, it is easy to forget about each other! You will be grateful for a few minutes of “you” time - a good slot is after the ceremony and before the reception. Allow your guests to mingle with a drink, while you and your partner pop off for 5 minutes appreciation, reflection and reset. Maybe have a special car on hand to park up and grab a glass of champers while you watch the sunset?


How will you celebrate saying “I do” in the moment?

JamesCole ConfettiCelebration
This is the KEY moment - yet often it barely ripples a little clap and often no real celebration planned. Why not plan a surprise for your guests with a little confetti/ glitter gun to pop, or a little dance to get the celebratory atmosphere pumping!


What will happen to the flowers at the end of the day?

2021 ParihoaLibertyCollab DSC 7963
A good part of the budget goes on your beautiful flowers - but we often don’t think past the day… Why not allocate each floral display to a family member or friend? Or arrange for someone to collect and dry for you? 6 months down the line you will be grateful for these little ideas that will create souvenirs of the day.


What will you use to cut the cake?

JamesCole CakeCut

How many weddings have you been too where the best man or bridesmaid is rushing around looking for a knife for the cake! Why not buy a special cake knife that you can use in years to come - to cut other celebratory cakes and remind you once again of your day.


PS - One more tip - Sunglasses! Haute Parihoa 243

If it’s a summer wedding you don’t want to squint all day ;) you’re welcome.

Good luck for the big day!

Remember the little details will go a long way in preserving your beautiful wedding day memories.